Our Tablecloths & Table Toppers

It’s almost wedding season and the calls keep coming in from event planners.  Brides are flipping over our Chichi Tablecloths!  They really add the WOW factor to a table…especially the cake table.   It’s funny because when we designed this tablecloth, the bridal community wasn’t even a thought.

Again, we are in child mode and wanted a durable but fun tablecloth for the home.  We envisioned this to be for a side table or on a dining table…never even thinking about the bridal community..duh!  Honestly, it wasn’t until we debuted our line at the NYIGF in the Summer of 2011…that we realized what a desired tablecloth this would be in that community.  The event planners literally flipped over it!   We were of course in NY, so we joked that we seriously had EVERY NY and NJ party planner and event planner stop at our booth.

After the initial love at first sight response, we are getting a lot of the same question…How do you wash the Chichi Tablecloths?

The Chichi Petal fabric is machine washable and can even be put in the dryer (on low heat or air fluff)…the jute however, is dry clean only.  So mixing these fabrics and caring for them can be a dilemma (if you let it be:) ).  Scotch guarding the jute top or putting a thin piece of plexiglass or glass is what we recommend.  This will keep the top protected!  The petal bottom looks delicate but is very durable.

Our Enchantique Table Toppers, available in 3 colorways (ivory/sand, natural/bark, slate Grey/Ivory) look amazing intermixed with the Chichi Table Cloths.

Like our window panels, these table toppers are meant to mix and match and allow for a personalized look.  Truly unique to each event and each individual whom the event if for!


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